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Aside from its clean, green image and fertile farmland, New Zealand is considered as the largest earner in the economy. They have a vast resource from sheep and beef to grapes, plums and oysters around the country. With all this, it’s not surprising that New Zealand is a top destination for great food and exquisite wines.

New Zealand’s Unique ‘Kiwi’ Food

British settlers heavily influenced New Zealand’s cuisine, evolving it over the years as more culture becomes integrated into the region. A typical kiwi dinner includes homemade roast lamb with thick gravy, roast potatoes, mint sauce, and other vegetables, or oftentimes fish and chips from a local shop. You’ll also enjoy barbeques that are a popular dish for informal gatherings. Meat pies often served with ketchup or tomato sauce is popular for snack or lunch.

New Zealand’s Delectable Dairy

Did you know that New Zealand is the world’s eight biggest milk producer and their dairy products are sold around the world and renowned for their quality? You will find many artisan cheesemakers around the country that produces specialty cheese. If you’ve eaten a meal with cheese from a restaurant during your stay, you’re eating a New Zealand specialty cheese. Yeah, that’s why it tasted spectacular.

New Zealand’s Majestic Wines

The beginning of New Zealand’s wine industry dates right back to the first European missionaries – a guy named Samuel Marsden cultivated the first grapevines in the Bay of Islands in 1819. The farm yield became successful due to New Zealand’s climate and terrain, which is perfect for producing high quality grapes and thus, wines. Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc wines are recognized around the world. Other blends including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Riesling are also produced around the country.

Therefore, visiting a New Zealand vineyard is a no-brainer during your travels – not simply because of the opportunity to taste wonderful wines, but also because wine-tasting centers are usually located in picturesque locations! Many New Zealand wineries are open for sampling and also offer fantastic fine dining restaurants.

Māori food delicacies

Kai (or food) is a vital part of Maori culture and hospitality. The most famous Maori meal is hangi, a food steam-cooked using the earth on hot stones. Try a hangi while you’re visiting New Zealand – here’s why it tastes wonderful: a distinctive flavor of meat and vegetables slowly cooked on hot stones. The process of “putting down a hangi” or “laying a hangi” is fun to watch. Similarly, in Rotorua, they use geothermal activity or steam that shoots out of the ground and where everyone can use to cook. It’s everywhere, making steam-cooked specialties very popular.

New Zealand’s Beer

Apart from its award-winning wines, New Zealand is also known for its awesome beer. It is the drink of choice for early workers in the gold fields or in logging industries. New Zealand’s oldest breweries are still functional and is going strong. New Zealand beers like Monteith’s Steinlager, Tui and Speight’s are available in hotels and pubs wherever you look.

Now that you know some of New Zealand’s culinary and brews, it’s time to go and experience them firsthand! Share your experience with us.

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