The fact that there are countries on this planet which are packed with some jaw-dropping natural wonders, means that heading out and exploring them is a major must do. There are many ways you can do this, from hiking, guided tours, to bush walking, but you can also very easily take this one step further, and head out into the Great Outdoors for a true wilderness adventure.

Camping holidays are on the rise, and this is probably because the quality of camp sites and the quality of camping equipment and motorhomes has increased massively in the last few years. Nowadays you can head off and sleep (almost) under the stars with top quality equipment, which makes your stay comfortable and luxurious, when once upon a time this would have been a true ‘roughing it’ experience! Think about glamping for example; this is camping with true glamour thrown in for good measure!

Australia is a true camper’s paradise, because there are literally thousands of camp sites on offer, and this means you can find one which suits your budget, needs, location, and of course, you can choose which amazing sights you get to see nearby. The best camping spots in Australia are likely to be popular, so you can expect other likeminded travellers to be there at the same time as you – this is a great way to meet new people!

Of course, there are some rules you need to adhere to, and these are generally about always choosing an official camp site, and not just pitching your tent or parking up your motorhome wherever you please. This is to keep you safe, and also to protect the environment. There is plentiful choice, so you won’t have to search too much, with a myriad of Australian camping spots to choose from.

You can head into the Red Centre and camp close to Uluru, you can set up camp in a site near to the ocean, so you have the stunning sunrise and sunset before you every single day, or you can head into the mountains and gaze upon panoramic views. Of course, when heading out into the wilderness you need to be well prepared, and that is the case with many camp sites, as some aren’t as packed with facilities as others – always check ahead of time and do your research, so you don’t have any surprises which don’t make you smile.

If you’re so used to hotel-based holidays, perhaps it’s time you thought about a wilderness break – this is one holiday you really won’t forget in a hurry.

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