With the summer starting to wind down, this is the perfect time to visit countries in places like Southeast Asia. The weather is still great and you won’t have to worry about the rainy season which typically doesn’t start for another couple of months. While we may love to think of ways to make travel more affordable, that doesn’t mean you can’t look good in the process. Here are some of the best travel accessories for the fashion conscious traveler, wherever they find themselves going.


Sunglasses are not only a great fashion statement, but they’re also means of preserving your health. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, sunglasses are a valuable way of protecting yourself against harmful UV rays. Choosing the right frame depends entirely on your own look. The general rule is to choose a pair of frames that offset your natural features. For example, if you have a smaller, round face, then geometric shapes are the way to go. Meanwhile, if you’re features are sharper and you’re jawline more squared, then aviators that curve downward will look great.

Bum Bags

While our older readers may turn away in horror, the bum bag is back. Whether you want to call it a fanny pack or a belt bag, chic festival goers and travelers alike have all been adopting what was previously seen as a serious fashion faux-paux. Fortunately, we’ve moved away from the classic high-waisted blue jeans and white tank top combination, but the main benefits of bum bags are the same as ever before. It’s a great place to store your purse and mobile phone and it’s much more secure than a simple over the shoulder strap.


Finally, pashminas are the ideal travel accessory because they’re so versatile. While they have a reputation as being difficult to wear, it’s really just about understanding your options. For instance, you could wear your pashmina as a shawl in a traditional manner, draped around your shoulders. This is perfect if your travel destination gets a little chilly when the sun goes down, but you don’t want to carry around anything heavier like a jacket. You could also wear the pashmina as a head scarf, a swimsuit cover-up, or it could even double up as a pillow during your flight.

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