Are you staring at a very big anniversary on the horizon? Is there a special holiday coming up? Are you trying to figure out a way to make a break for your significant other that little bit more sophisticated than usual? There are thankfully many ways you can do just that, and most of them aren’t going to break the bank considerably.

If you have no idea where to start with upping the stakes when it comes to your holiday, here’s a few ideas.

An airport pick up in style

When you arrive at the airport you usually have three choices of how to get to your destination – you either find a taxi and pay a small fortune, you pick up your hire car and try and find your way to your hotel, or you catch a bus or transfer, which could take a considerable amount of time. If you’re not feeling the love for any of those suggestions, why not hire a limo and be picked up from the airport in style? There is probably no more luxurious option than this!

Five star hotel luxury

Booking a hotel last minute can mean that you get extra quality for less cash. This works because hoteliers would much rather let out their remaining hotel rooms for a lesser price tag, than have them completely empty. Of course, this works for you wonderfully well! If you can stay in a hotel which is higher in quality, you’re going to get more luxury, more perks, and this basically ups the glamour stakes of your break from the get-go.

Fly business class

If you are flying long or medium haul, and you want to enjoy more comfort, why not upgrade? For short flights this is really not worth the extra cash, but for those slightly longer journeys, having more leg room, a little more choice in terms of food and drinks, and being spoilt for the duration of your flight, could be the ideal way to start your break in style.

VIP upgrade your experiences

Basically any attraction you visit, usually within cities, can be upgraded to a VIP package. If you go and see a show, you can often go for a first class package, and if you head to a popular attraction, there is normally a VIP option you can go for too. If you can afford to do this, go for it, because it will make your experience much more memorable as a result.

These are just a few ways you can make your break a little more special, and the further good news is that many of these can be arranged beforehand, e.g. booked online, so you can completely surprise your loved one!


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