Breakfast’s the new dinner, baby, and brunch is most certainly the new lunch. At home in London, you can’t walk five feet down the street without seeing a sign for yet another bottomless brunch or American style pancake house, and there’s a good reason for that – we Brits love breakfast! I don’t know if it’s because we’re too on-the-go to enjoy a good one during the week, or if it’s that savoury-meets-dessert aspect to many breakfast offerings that makes it such a sure-fire one-size-fits-all hit – but the breakfast revolution is here, at it’s not going anywhere!

But don’t think we’ve got it licked when it comes to morning dining over here in England – these international offerings are more than worth jumping on a plane for. Whether you’re already abroad and found this article by googling a nearby breakfast spot, or you’re planning on travelling abroad this summer but wouldn’t consider anywhere without maple bacon, here’s our guides to the best breakfasts abroad.

Golden Child, Melbourne

Melbourne is a breakfast lover’s paradise – or a paradise for anyone who enjoys any kind of food, really. There’s so many fantastic cafes, quirky eateries, high end restaurants and delicious little snack bars that a hundred years wouldn’t be long enough to explore them all. An abundance of fresh meat, high quality seasonal ingredients, innovative young chefs and a hodge-podge of cultural influences place Melbourne on the map as one of the greatest foodie cities in the world – and if you’re looking for something really special for breakfast, check out Golden Child on Bardolph Street.

Famous for its quirky twists, a breakfast might involve a cinnamon scroll with crème brulee and vanilla ice cream, beetroot cured salmon with zucchini fritters or tapioca pudding with grapefruit pearls – but with a menu which is constantly reinventing itself, who can guess? One things for sure – it all tastes incredible. Thinking of jumping straight on a plane? Flight from London to Melbourne are cheaper and easier than they’ve ever been.

Brennans, New Orleans

This place is less of a restaurant than a New Orleans institution – with 8 separate spectacular Colonial dining rooms to choose from and a menu which marries traditional Creole dishes with contemporary American cuisine, if you haven’t eaten breakfast at Brennans, you haven’t been to New Orleans. Breakfast might involve Seafod File Gumbo with crab, shrimp and oysters, Egg Yolk Carpaccio with grilled shrimp and crispy sweet potato or Braised Pork Grillades with cheddar grits and eggs easy over – all washed down with Carribean milk punch or a couple of Cajun Bloody Mary’s. Mmmm!

Taper, Bangkok

Think “food in Bangkok” and noodles, stir-fries and green curries might leap to mind, but not so fast! Bangkok can more that hold its own when it comes to brunches and breakfasts – and aside from Thai Chok (rice porridge) and Khao Khai Chiao (omelette with white rice and chili sauce), there’s a wealth of modern restaurants serving internationally inspired options. Taper serves classic brunch with a Thai twist – from coconut granola with seasonal fruits to Thai Tea Toast with Pain de Mie, honey butter and coconut cream to your standard English fry up, you’re guaranteed to be delighted by your meal.

So take your taste buds on a trip abroad with this delectable selection of international eateries – who knows, your experiences might just inspire you to open your own London brunch-spot!

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