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Transport from the airport to the resort

Most of the tourists willing to bask in the sun in a nice beach of Pattaya arrive to Suvarnabhumi, the airport of Bangkok. Yet the capital of Thailand and the resort have a long distance of 140 kilometers between them. If you want to get to Pattaya fast, cheap and with less stops, you should read our detailed transport guide.

All transport from Bangkok to Pattaya

If you are traveling on your own or the hotel / tourist agency are not providing you with transfer from the airport, we have a good news: there are three options of how to get from Bangkok airport to Pattaya. You can buy a bus ticket (3,4 dollars) and reach the resort in 3 hours (including the waiting time at the bus stop). You can also go by city shuttle, but you will first need to get from Suvarnabhumi to the centre of Bangkok. You will spend at least 3h 30m in the road and $4 for it. If you opt for taking a taxi on the spot, please get ready to pay over $40 for a car. Transfer is a bit more expensive – $42; yet it includes meeting at arrival service (up at a set time) and also an English speaking driver. The road by individual car (taxi or transfer) from Bangkok to Pattaya is 1h 30m driving.

Tips: how to choose transport going to Pattaya?

Our main recommendation: be attentive when choosing transport and try to avoid any old car. As all around in Asia, in Thailand you will likely meet unfair drivers who would be happy to cheat and earn money from you. Tourists complain about the fact that the final price is different from the one stated in the counter, that cars are old, and drivers go too fast and speak on the phone while driving.

That’s why we can recommend going by bus from the airport of Bangkok instead. You’ll have to wait until all the tickets have been sold out, but be sure you’ll get to Pattaya without any extra stops. Yet the city shuttles going from the centre of Bangkok have no firm schedule or list of stops — so, you are taking on a risk.

Those who cannot wait for the transport standing under the hot sun (elderly travelers or little children), who arrive in the night or have lots of bags, better book a transfer in advance not to worry much and avoid bargaining with the driver over some bahts. Transfer price is always fixed, and you can pay beforehand via credit / debit card.

Bus Bangkok — Pattaya

  • Airport Pattaya Bus, Bell Travel Service
  • ~2 hours in the road
  • 1-3 hours waiting (depending on the carrier)
  • Price $3.4-10
  • Comfort level: low

City shuttle Bangkok — Pattaya

  • Go from Victory Monument tube station
  • 2h 30m in the road
  • 60+ minutes waiting at the bus stop
  • Price over $4
  • Comfort level: low

Taxi Bangkok — Pattaya

  • Transfer / taxi on the spot
  • 1h 25 minutes in the road
  • No need to wait (meet at arrival) / taxi 5-10 minutes waiting
  • Taxi price over €40-50; transfer price is fixed – €43
  • Comfort level: high

Don’t forget to see in Pattaya:

  • Big Buddha Statue
  • Underwaterworld oceanarium
  • Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden (orchid garden)
  • Pattaya Dolphin World
  • Mini Siam — park of replicas of world significance places
  • Khao Kheow Open Zoo and Sriracha Tiger Zoo
  • Wat Chaimongkron Buddhist temple and Wang Boran (Sanctuary of Truth)
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