Many people have the dream of travel, and some even live the dream.

But very few get to live dreams that most would consider outrageous and beyond the every day unless they received an unexpected windfall or won Ozlotto.

For some people, a brand new car or fancy house would be the preferred purchase after a windfall.

Others who value experiences over things, and for them, an unforgettable vacation is the ultimate reward.

Anyone can buy a car, house or new electronic equipment.

Not everyone can say they have travelled the world on the only residential cruise ship, visited Antarctica, rented a private island, or dined with kings.

If money were no object, where would you go and what would you do?

Here are our top four dream travel adventures for the recently rich.

The World Residences at Sea


The world’s only liveaboard cruise ship is an eye-watering luxury experience. You’ll share your new home with kings and princes, celebrities and the ultra-rich who have been able to purchase a home on this floating palace at sea.

The World continuously travels the globe, readjusting its itinerary for various events happening along its route. You could purchase one of these apartment homes at sea, or if long-term life on the water doesn’t appeal to you, there are apartments and berths available to rent short-term.

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If you’d like to travel the world in unparalleled luxury, The World Residences at Sea would be an excellent choice.

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Many people think of sand and sun or lounging by the swimming pool if they hit it big, but there are travel options available that are once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Visiting Antarctica is something that not many people on the planet have done apart from scientists, the super-rich, and some fortunate cruise ship passengers.

If you can deal with the cold weather and the knowledge that you probably won’t encounter much luxury, you’ll have an experience that isn’t shared by many people on earth.

For conservationists and those interested in the environment and science, a trip to Antarctica would be a frozen dream come true.

Rent a private island

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For many people, only the tropics will do. If they’ve won the lottery, they want the frozen drinks, barefoot in the sand experience.

For those who are called by luxury under the warmth of the sun, why not rent a private island?

Necker Island in the Bahamas is a relaxing experience complete with hammocks swaying gently by the sea in your private villa. Located in the Virgin Islands and owned by Virgin Airlines magnate Sir Richard Branson, Necker Island costs a cool 425,000 to rent.

The island can sleep 34 people, and the rental is all-inclusive. If you find that island living is your speed, and money is no problem, you can always buy your own.

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Stay in a Castle

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Medieval and Renaissance dreams capture the minds of many people. This would be an incredible opportunity to experience life in a castle and re-enact some of your favourite scenes from historical dramas.

There are castles all over Europe available for rent with all-inclusive luxury including butlers and silver service.

Scotland, Ireland, France and Germany all have many castles available to rent at different price points.

If you find that medieval life is for you, then there are also castles available for purchase. You can become your own royalty in one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

Whatever your taste, there’s an incredibly extravagant vacation out there for you.

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