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Visiting any city is an exhausting business. You have to keep up with the fast pace of life, try and find your way around, whilst also trying to enjoy yourself and see everything you want to see. You could be forgiven for wanting another holiday afterwards to recover! The good news is that not every city is as frenetic as you might think, and some are more laid back and chilled out, which runs throughout the city and beyond.

Perth is one of those cities.

The capital of Western Australia is a fantastic place to chill out, enjoy the scenery, discover the bright and vibrant nightlife, and explore the history and culture. All of this is done in the most laid back fashion, which is what really makes this Australian city stand out above all the others on the list.

As with any city, there are many attractions to choose from, but there are also many accommodation options too. Perhaps you don’t want to stay in a hotel, and you would prefer something more homely, and in that case there are many serviced apartments Perth to check out instead. This gives you a much more laid back base for your city exploration, with the serviced side of things to make life easier. Check out your options, and try and base yourself as centrally as possible, to cut down on how much commuting in and out of the city you need to do on a daily basis. 

Perth is located on the scenic Swan River, and there are many walking trails which run along here, giving you a really relaxing experience as you check out the city from a different viewpoint. Of course, the main area of the city is the business district, but this is not just about briefcases and suits, as there are many historic and architectural wonders to enjoy around here, including Swan Bells. This is a modern and revolutionary example of architecture, but inside you will find large bells which ring out regularly, and were originally a gift from the city of London in the UK. On top of this, head to Claisebrook Cove, a development area which is packed with entertainment, restaurants, and bars, and some wonderful view points of the city, especially during the evening hours, when the lights twinkle.

Around the city you will find some equally as wonderful places to visit, as well as the idyllic Indian Ocean lapped beaches which the area is famous for. There are also many different diving and nature areas just a short distance away too, such as Ningaloo Reef and Monkey Mia; these are both must visits for diving fans.

Put simply, Perth is one of those cities which doesn’t leave you exhausted, so if you’re looking for the perfect blend between city life and nature, this is certainly the city for you.

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